As mine are the only hands that made this knife, and the workmanship is my best effort, I will correct any problems that are my fault to the original owner at no cost. However, as I have no control over how Mother Nature made wood, antlers, horns, or minerals, I cannot warrant natural materials against the effects of temperature and humidity. If you do have a problem, I want to know about it. I'll do what I can within reason. Normally I would replace the handle for the cost of material only. This type of problem is extremely rare.

I will honor this warranty as long as you own your knife and as long as I am building knives.

This warranty is valid provided the knife is used in the manner it was intended, as a cutting tool, not as a screwdriver, axe or prybar, and as long as it is not ground on any type of grinder.

A general rule of thought, if you have two hands on a knife, you have the wrong tool!