Sheaths are custom made by Bob Strahin, Owner of STAR LEATHER.The Sheaths are cut from the finest shoulder or rump leather (8-9, or 9-10 oz.) The welts are epoxyed, hand-stitched and bar-tacked in any stress points. Any metal from the bar-tacks or snaps is covered on the inside of the sheath with suede to prevent scratches. There is even a drain hole at the bottom of the sheath in case you get caught in that rain shower.

Tooling is done by hand in true artisan fashion. Once the sheath have been made, shipment is made to DROST CUSTOM KNIVES for fitting. This is done by wet-molding the sheath to that one knife for which it was intended. After a drying period, the sheath is slightly smaller than its intended knife, giving it that audible "pop" when the knife is seated into its proper place. Safe and secure! The sheath is then weather-proofed for added protection.

Field-Grade and bolstered knives are fitted to pouch sheaths and knives with guards fit in snap-across sheaths.